Our Approach

Koru takes a fresh look at the needs of today’s businesses and the employees who work for them. As methods of learning and development evolve to keep pace with the changing times, we embrace the hunger to innovate. We apply proven principles and approaches that make learning more impactful while joining with other thought leaders in exploring these new frontiers.

Business First Learning

Business-First Learning – We apply a backward design approach by first talking to leaders about their challenges, listing to their concerns and identifying the outcomes stakeholders hope to achieve or initiate. Only then can we begin to design a learning approach that will meet the specific, observable and measurable objectives identified for the program.

Brain Based LearningBrain-Based Learning Approaches – Learning techniques succeed when they change behaviour through engagement, reinforcement and retention. A few of our favourite techniques include: Game-based Learning, Micro-Learning, Spaced Repetition and Experiential Learning.

Social and Collaborative LearningSocial & Collaborative Learning – Emphasising the collective knowledge of the team as a whole will empower participants to learn from fellow learners. Koru programs include learning activities that invite learners to share with each other and derive knowledge from the group.

Learning JourneysLearning Journeys – By moving from event-based one-time training to continuous learning opportunities, we measure and spur more on-the-job application of new knowledge and skills. We design our programs with stakeholders to ensure the learning achieved during our program gets reinforced after the session and supported on the job.

Meaningful and Fun LearningLearning That Is Meaningful And FUN – We believe it’s our job as learning professionals to make our programs more engaging and shifting from something people try to get through, to something they want to do. We focus on igniting the fire within our learners, revving up their intrinsic and extrinsic motivators through smart program design and engaging facilitation.

Make it MeasurableMake It Measurable – In a world of choices, it’s critical to make the one that positively impacts your bottom line. Every learning experience can be measured, so why not build in an identifiable return on your investment? We always design with the end in mind and consider the ongoing impact we will help you align toward.