Conference Solutions


Say “no more” to death-by-PowerPoint conference disasters. Let us help you bring back impactful, purposeful fun into your next conference. We do this through:

  • Consulting Services
  • Team Building Solutions
  • Retreats


Come with us as we pioneer the notion of the “unconference” — a complete redesign of traditional conference routines that lack engagement or originality. We strive to ignite engagement, improve ROI, and make your next conference memorable for all the right reasons.

Team Building

We are famous for creating unique memorable experiences that achieve breakthrough bonding within a group. Our constantly growing toolkit of team building activities will energise groups of all levels and sizes. We’re not afraid of large scale and complex experiences with multiple moving parts. Challenge us!


Sometimes, your leadership team needs a quick getaway to work through a tough decision. Try our Innovation Island, a retreat experience offering just the right mixture of amazing environment, curated experiences and transparent social engineering.