Celemi & Koru

A passion for games and simulations are the bedrock of this partnership between Koru and Celemi.

Celemi is a Swedish business simulations company that’s been in operation since 1985, and Koru is proud to be a distributor of their extensive catalogue of learning solutions. The Celemi programs are standalone but can also be integrated into longer learning journeys.

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About Celemi

Over 5,000,000 participants in more than 70 countries. L&D made serious fun with business simulations.

Celemi started with an idea: that in order to make learning stick, people need to create their own knowledge. Since 1985, Celemi has been leaders in gamified learning and development, using their Power of Learning methodology to drive change and transformation in organizations.

The Power of Learning means that we believe in the power of the learner. Celemi business simulations break down complex topics in a way that allows the learner to create their own understandings and align with the rest of the organization.  By doing this, we create learning journeys that stick and help organizations drive success through their people.  We are customer-committed, open, trusting, and creative, meaning that our customers and their people are at the heart of everything we do.

How Celemi views learning

The Power of Learning philosophy is built on Klas Mellander’s (founder of Celemi) belief that the best way to absorb knowledge that lasts is for learners to take responsibility for their own learning. Learners should think, explore and discover for themselves. They should make mistakes and learn from them.

The Learning Spiral is how we unlock The Power of Learning by recreating a spontaneous learning process:

We repeat The Learning Spiral over and over again, because we don’t believe in shortcuts. Real learning–the kind that moves people and organizations–takes time and repetition.

Through our ready-made business simulations and custom solutions, employees practice real-world business situations without risking real-life business. It’s a fast and compelling way to increase business knowledge, improve engagement and make change happen.

They play. Everyone wins. Your company truly earns.

What is a Business Simulation? 

A business simulation is a powerful tool for organizational learning and development. Business simulations enable your people to align your people on strategy, improve their business acumen and business finance skills, and ultimately improve your bottom line.

Topics and related games include:

  • Business Acumen & Leadership Development – To get a great understanding of Business Acumen throughout your organization, play these Business Simulations. 
    • CELEMI Apples & Oranges – Business finance for everyone. Empower your employees to think like business owners through the power of play.
    • CELEMI Decision Base – Pulling in the same direction. Build cross-functional alignment. Develop a “big picture” understanding. Practice strategic decision making. 

  • Strategy Alignment Talent Development & Leadership Development – Improve Strategic alignment with these simulations.   
    • CELEMI Enterprise – Stay ahead in a changing world. Exercise business thinking for winning results. Align your people behind your strategy.
    • CELEMI Tango – Get success through people. Enhance skills in attracting, developing and retaining the right talent and clients. Learn how to gain a competitive edge and execute a successful business strategy.

  • Project Success – gain a broad business perspective to think and act more strategically 
    • CELEMI Cayenne – Warm up a project team and bring out the best in each participant. Prepare your people to anticipate and navigate the heat of project pitfalls.

  • Agile Mindset – Align, Adapt, Act 
    • CELEMI Agile Move – Adapt and thrive in an ever-changing world by applying agile principles. 

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