Virtual Visual Facilitation Lab

Virtual Visual Facilitation

As many aspects of our personal and professional lives are moving into online platforms, the subtleties of connection, and communication of face to face meeting is significantly diminished. In this new environment, we need to rethink how we teach, coach and facilitate meetings. As a facilitator, we shift our focus from content delivery to experience creation. As a visual facilitator , we are equipped with many of the tools to do this in the virtual space.

Visual tools create engagement and connect, invite curiosity and story, and make your learning, client facilitation, or meeting more memorable and meaningful..

In this specially designed and considered series of blended trainings, we will equip you and your team with the vital skills to work, think and deliver your programs like a visual facilitator. We will teach you the essentials of how to visualise ideas, concepts and stories, to create interactive tools for your participants to harvest insights and learning, and how to listen and draw live for interactive storytelling and meaning making. These skills and tools can then be applied to the work you do before, during, and after client events.

Using the approach of Learn, Apply, and Build (LAB), in each session participants will Learn essential skills, will practise and Apply these skills, and then with interactive group work and dialogue Build these tools to work in your specific client environments. Participants will be given pre-work and specific homework to extend the learning and application and practise of tools between sessions to maximise our face to face time together.

Virtual Visual Facilitation

Session 1

Overcome your barriers to drawing and working with visual tools. learn the essential building blocks and tools for working visually, and apply these into a compelling visual poster that you can use in your upcoming client event or meeting.


  • Intro foundational elements of visual practice
  • How to work with groups to manage experience and expectations to working visually, Overcome fear of drawing
  • intro to foundational elements of visual tools; lettering, color, icons, concepts, 
  • Build your visual vocabulary
  • Create your own visual agenda poster

Session 2

Develop your facilitator superpower of listening & drawing. We will introduce a series of frameworks and models for listening, for representing your ideas, and for visual recording. Applying these models, you will work with a partner to visualize and map their story. we will discuss applications to your specific client work including coaching, consulting, facilitation. We will showcase a range of both analog and digital visual tools


  • Learn: Story listening framework
  • 3 ways to draw your idea
  • Sketchnote formats
  • Tips for live capture of ideas
  • Listen and draw client role play
  • Digital and analogue Tools 

Session 3

When visual practice meets facilitation. We will learn about some of the frameworks for visual facilitation, and will deep dive into the tool of visual templates. We will learn how to create and use metaphors for influencing, and you will present your idea using a visual metaphor.


  • Intro to visual facilitation frameworks
  • Case study: visual facilitation in practice; a look at 3 clients
  • 7 steps to design a visual template
  • Visual templates in practice
  • How to design and create metaphors
  • Use metaphor to pitch your idea

All you need to prepare are.. 

  • Markers – 2-3 colours
  • Black Pen
  • An art sketch book

Chief Facilitator

Tim Hamons, is a visual strategist, facilitator and creativity consultant with over 20 years of experience in the corporate world, largely developing and delivering visual communication programs, creativity trainings, and facilitating events using a combination of visual storytelling, process tools, and live sketching.

Tim’s passion is bringing people to a higher level of performance and purpose through innovative thinking and tools, engaged teams, and collaborative work environments. As a speaker, he uses live sketching in his presentations to frame the key messages for the audience.

Co-Facilitator & Producer

James Bishop, facilitator, community builder, coach and virtual producer, James will be supporting the online experience with Tim. James is also a Visual Facilitator and incorporates visuals in all his work, such as with design thinking workshops, stategic planinng sessions and 1:1 and team coaching, so he will have lots of examples to draw upon for you.

James & Tim make a great combination in bringing this workshop to life, keeping the fun and engagement high, while grounding the experience in practical applications for your own work and practice.

Art of Awakening is a unique, creative and vibrant consultancy firm offering business and communication solutions using visual thinking processes. Based on the foundation that emotional engagement is the key to learning and greater understanding, we use visual tools, strategies, and frameworks, to simplify and clarify complex communications. We turn your conference, business or learning event into a vibrant, colorful, engaging learning environment. We do that by getting our graphic facilitator in visualizing and synthesizing the conversations, live and in real time, into large colourful posters, using key words, stories and images.  Find out more….

Virtual Visual Facilitation Lab

3 x 120-minute Sessions