Leading Virtual Workshop Series

A series of virtual lunch & learn, 90-min sessions designed to increase confidence and skill in delivering and mastering online learning through Zoom. © Koru Consulting Limited 2020 The sessions will be practical and very interactive. By the end of these sessions you will be able to immediately apply what you have learned with your colleagues . 

Session 1: Increasing Engagement in a Virtual Session

In Session 1, Increasing Engagement in a Virtual Session, you will be introduced to a range of no/low tech tools and methodologies to increase engagement with the learners. This means how they interact with you and how they interact with each other. 

  • Checking In / Out of sessions, why they’re important and how to facilitate these
  • Energisers ? The why, when and how to use them. Using Post-It Notes, Everyday Objects and Physical Movement
  • Zoom camera ? How to get participants to participate
  • World Café ? Using breakout rooms to manage group discussion
  • Screen Capture ? taking photos of the group and their work
  • Using a Co-Facilitator or Producer ? how to share the workload in a session 
  • Setting some simple homework 

Session 2: Increasing Collaboration in a Virtual Session

With a baseline of the Zoom basics for engagement under our virtual belts, we deepen our skills and confidence with some more advanced techniques for providing a platform for collaboration, using low-tech methods and to also introduce you to some online collaboration tools 

  • Revision of Session 1 ? sharing what has worked or new learnings from spectacular failures (aka Failing Forward)
  • Overview of collaborative processes ? includes some design thinking fundamentals
  • Introduction of No/Low Tech tools ? and practice using them. Includes use of visual facilitation techniques and simple mobile Apps.
  • Reintroduction of current online tools ? and practice using them.
  • Group discussion on best tools we can immediately use with our colleagues. 

Session 3: Using LEGO® SERIOUSPLAY® (LSP) Met hod in Virtual Sessions 

The LEGO® SERIOUSPLAY® method is an innovative, experiential method designed to enhance innovation and business performance. It was developed at LEGO in collaboration with leading researchers in strategy and organizational behaviour. 

  • An introduction to the LSP Method
  • Hands-on experience in a virtual setting
  • Apply the methodology to answering yet to be answered questions about the future of learning
  • Comparison of instructor-guided vs participant-led methods, in large groups and small breakout sessions
  • Review of your experience using physical materials in Zoom 

James is from Koru Consulting and is a HK-based learning experience designer, with a wealth of experience and a bucket load of tools at his disposal. James works extensively in the corporate sector across the globe and has also designed and delivered a wide range of workshops and initiatives for the education sector. James?unique specialty is games and simulations in the learning space, as well as designing gamification strategies tailored to the intrinsic motivations of learners. A world-class facilitator, James will ensure you are engaged, stretched and learning ? you will also have a lot of fun. 

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