The largest social experiment on the planet … working from home

The recent virus outbreak has disrupted business, closed-off communities and many families are scrambling to cope. Fear and frustration casts a pall over the cities and citizens scan newsfeeds trying to discern news from rumour.
And through all of this, the largest social experiment on the planet is taking place right now … working from home. In this issue:

– The Virus and working from home
– Virtual Solutions for doing business
– Outdoor Alternatives
-Official Partner of EcoMatcher
– Lumina Sparks
– Updated Website

Our business was a blend of face-to-face and virtual solutions, and we quickly redeveloped these solutions to meet the crises. We chose to take action rather than sitting back and riding it out.
So yes, in this email we will outline a selection of our solutions, but I also wanted to share

10 things we learned by working from home:

1. Teenagers go stir-crazy faster than adults

2. Cats are happier with constant attention

3. Cats become more vocal during conference calls

4. We have more family meals together and we talk more

5. We are surprisingly productive during short bursts, and family interaction forces us to take breaks

6. The great outdoors really are great (especially this time of year in HK)

7. The kindness of strangers is a powerful connector

8. Bursts of innovation can light up the darkness

9. It’s ok to ask for help … you’ll also learn what friendship really means

10. We created a bunch of virtual solutions with our clients and friends faster than we thought possible
Your business doesn’t need to grind to a halt during these times and with the right mix of ingenuity and gumption, you can keep your teams connected, strong and productive.

So, here’s a number of VIRTUAL Solutions I’d like to introduce to you:

  • How to Design and Deliver Virtual Meetings – learn the basics for running your own virtual meetings and make them engaging, fun and productive
  • Gamification, Level 1 Certification – Originally a 1-day program, now in bite-sized online/offline chunks (starts mid-March) Read More…
  • Mini Design Sprint using Online Platforms – learn how to use available online tools to run a design thinking workshop and apply it immediately
  • Exploring the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – a deep dive group discussion on what the SDGs are and how we can engage with them Read More…
  • An introduction to LEGO SERIOUS PLAY (LSP) Method – experience LSP in a virtual classroom
  • Visual Facilitation and Graphic Recording – learn the fundamentals for creating and harvesting ideas visually. Everyone CAN draw! Read More….
  • Thinking In & Out of the Box – understand the boundaries of your thinking (the Box) and how to build a better box to think out of Read More…
  • Celemi Agile Move – learning the agile principles that support an agile mindset Read More…
  • Lumina Assessment Tools – unpack this dynamic psychometric tool for yourself and your teams Read More….
  • Coaching – 1:1 or team coaching 
  • EcoEd Game – a mobile phone app to measure how environmentally aware you are
  • Presentation Skills – designing and delivering presentations online or offline – but we’ll train you online

Find out more about Virtual Solutions

We even have OUTDOOR solutions, as an alternative to congregating in enclosed spaces. Here’s a few we can offer:

  • Walking Meetings – take your meeting outside!
  • Coaching in a Kayak – have your coaching session in a sea kayak
  • Beach Clean Ups – clean up our environment  with our partners at Plastic Free Seas
  • Tree Planting – help our planet breath a little better, with our partners at Ark Eden

We would also like to officially announce that we are the official certified partner in Hong Kong for EcoMatcher
Eco Matcher is a certified B corporation helps companies to become visibly more suitable through transparent tree planting. As well as being able to gift trees, you can also purchase forests and track how much carbon you have sequestered. Not only is this good for the environment, you’re also help a local community in a developing country lift itself up. Ask us about how you can integrate this amazing initiative into your own organisation …

Check out our new CSR & Sustainability Page

Also, last week we returned from Malaysia where we attended an advanced certification program for delivering the Lumina Spark psychometric tool. This is a powerful, game-based learning tool for use with 1:1 coaching, group development as well as another of their tools that we use for recruitment and assessment centres. The Lumina Splash Mobile App is pretty awesome too.

Find out more about Lumina Spark

Did I mention that we updated our website? For 6 years we had a simple ‘landing page’ (aka ‘under construction’) but decided a year ago to build a more sustainable business. Having a dynamic website with regular updates was part of this strategy. We would be happy to receive your feedback on what you think of it.
And lastly, we don’t profess to have all the answers, but because of our strong and supportive networks, we will always know someone who does. 
We are all stronger together.
So, if you’d like to learn how we can support your organisation or your personal development, reach out to us … we’re here to help.

Contact Us…..

Coming Up:
2030 SDGs Game Demo Sessions

February 24, 2020
March 23, 2020

Visual Facilitation Lab
March 13-14, 2020
September 25-26, 2020

The Box “ In & Out of the Box “

May 8-9 The Box “ In & Out of the Box “  Train the Trainer ( Hong Kong )
July 3-4 The Box “ In & Out of the Box “ Train the Trainer ( Singapore )

Intro to Gamification Demo

February 25,  5-6pm, 2020 

March 5,  11-12pm, 2020 

March 10, 11-12pm, 2020

Gamification Level 1 Certification – Virtual

March 26, 30 & April 6, 2020 ( Total 6 hours )

Facilitation Level 1
June 22, 2020

Facilitation Level 2

November 27 

Story Telling 

Executive Presence 

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