CSR & Sustainability

We’re able to provide a wide range of sustainability solutions, some designed by ourselves and some by partnering with amazing individuals and organisations.  Here’s some we’d like to highlight:

  • 2030 SDGs Game
  • The Climate Collage
  • EcoMatcher
  • Ark Eden
  • Crossroads
  • EcoEd

2030 SDGs Game, more than a game, this is one of the most powerful simulations we’ve come across and are honoured to have become certified to lead. Inspired by the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, the game supports participants to go through an immersive experience to see how their choices can impact the world.   Find out more…

The Climate Collage – Online or face-to-face, for a young or enlightened audience, based on the work of the IPCC, the Climate Collage is the reference collaborative workshop for collectively understanding the complexity of climate change.  Schedule a workshop….

EcoMatcher, this certified B corporation helps companies to become visibly more suitable through transparent tree planting. As well as being able to gift trees, you can also purchase forests and track how much carbon you have sequestered. Not only is this good for the environment, you’re also help a local community in a developing country lift itself up. Ask us about how you can integrate this amazing initiative into your own organisation …

Ark Eden, 30 years in the making, this local Hong Kong social enterprise not only takes you through a local tree planting experience, but also educates groups on how to take care of our land. Want to learn and apply permaculture, then this is also the organisation for you. The team from Ark Eden will give you a practical, hands-on experience in our living classroom. 

Crossroads Foundation, locally headquartered in Hong Kong, but with a global impact, Crossroads has been connecting people in a world of need since 1995. Globally they distribute goods to communities in need, matchmake companies with NGO’s, uplift local communities to create their own small businesses, and create simulations for people to experience first-hand how some of the most at risk communities live.  We are proud to partner with them and to link some of our own learning solutions with theirs. Ask us how …

EcoEd, Creating a wonderfully engaging online game experience, the Ecoed App connects individuals from all around the world, in a positive, constructive way, to respond to the ecological challenges of our times, by doing and acting on those things that are within our arms’ reach – the daily little things which, collectively, can make a huge difference. If you’d like to see how this App can be incorporated into your own programs, ask us how …