Virtual Solutions

Virtual workshops, meetings and conferences are a great solution for bringing people together. They can help us to save time and money, and can often increase collaboration and productivity. 

We believe virtual solutions are a compliment to face-to-face engagements, not a replacement. But even with the very best technology, used incorrectly they can have the reverse effect to what they were created for. The last thing you want is a disengaged and cynical group of participants.

To combat this we have created a number of hybrid (blended) workshops, that can be done in person or online or both. The key is to adapt the tool to the audience and the environment. 

As specialists in creating highly interactive and engaging learning experiences, we apply the same principles to our online solutions. Training doesn’t have to be a dry webinar led by a talking head. Make it fun, engaging, interactive and memorable.

Here’s a selection of workshops we can customise with you:

  • How to design and deliver virtual meetings – learn the basics for running your own virtual meetings, and make them engaging, fun and productive
  • Mini design sprint using online platforms – learn how to use available online tools to run a design thinking workshop and apply it immediately 

  • Exploring the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – a deep dive group discussion on what the SDGs are and how we can engage with them. Find out more…

  • An introduction to LEGO SERIOUS PLAY (LSP) Method – experience LSP in a virtual classroom
  • Visual Facilitation and Graphic Recording – learn the fundamentals for creating and harvesting ideas visually. Everyone CAN draw! Find out more

  • Thinking In & Out of the Box – understand the boundaries of your thinking (the Box) and how to build a better box to think out of Find out more…

  • Celemi Agile Move – learning the agile principles that support an agile mindset

  • Lumina Assessment Tools – unpack this dynamic psychometric tool for yourself and your teams

  • Coaching – 1:1 or team coaching 

  • EcoEd Game – a mobile phone app to measure how environmentally aware you are

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you harness the power of virtual meetings and virtual learning, please raise your virtual hand (send us a message).