Training & Development

We support your learning and development needs with a modern approach — one where learner engagement is paramount. We bring you a vibrant, participatory approach that allows you to —

  1. build knowledge and skills in the program
  2. reinforce learned knowledge after the program
  3. support the right actions on the job

We achieve this using the following strategies—

Professional Skill Development

We hear you. You want relevant and informed training, in a fun and friendly atmosphere, on topics geared toward your goals. We provide a safe and lively setting with content curated from thought leadership, industry conferences, and our own array of business trainings conducted across Asia.

Here is a short sampling of topics or areas of interest:

  • Increasing Staff Engagement
  • Feedback Conversations
  • Coaching Skills
  • Thinking More Strategically
  • Stakeholder Management and Influence
  • Stress Management
  • Action-Centered Leadership
  • Present Like a TED Speaker
  • … and many more.

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Assessment Tools

Choose the assessment method that fits your needs. We offer everything from globally standardised assessments, to Asia-developed assessments for a global audience. We can zero-in on team members’ strengths, leadership preferences, communication styles. The feedback is meant to help teams create a common language, strengthen their skills and promote ongoing development.

Our most popular assessment tools include —

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Creativity & Innovation

We believe in Everyday Innovation, making creativity accessible to all. The current economic environment requires leaders and teams to propel themselves through uncharted market trends and unforeseen challenges. Koru offers you simple and engaging processes to rekindle your courage, hone your intuition, rediscover your flow and navigate your way forward.

Listed below are our most popular approaches for creativity and innovation.

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Upskilling for Facilitators, Trainers and Coaches

As a company set on lifting the overall standards of professional learning across Asia, we cultivate safe environments for team leaders to practice, share, co-create and improve their own facilitation techniques. We encourage them to find their own voice and sense of expression in public programs and practice evenings. They will learn from a place of authenticity, grounded in a proven process for optimal learning.

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Team Development & Alignment

After thousands of trainings with teams across the globe, we’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly of team dynamics. All of the most successful and functional teams share one crucial building block: trust. It’s the quality our team-coaching seeks to instil. We want your most senior teams to converse with each other free of ego, to safely expose flaws, and to chew over the tough questions you’re tempted to avoid.

Gamification & Game-Based Learning

GamificationGamification is motivational design with carefully considered use of game elements and game mechanics in a non-game context. We endeavour to raise the level of Gamification design in Asia beyond game-based learning through certifications and practice.

Gamification Level 1 Certification

Business Simulations Celemi

2030 SDGs Game

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