ESP (Empathy for Style Preference)

Team/Individual Work Preference Profiling Tool (60-90mins)

Wouldn’t it be great to read someone’s mind, or can block them reading yours? We’re sure it would, but tests in the 60’s & 70’s proved that ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) does not exist, and yet, some people seem to the have the ability to know what we’re thinking. We call this highly attuned empathy.

Working from this premise, we’ve created an interactive card-based activity to improve your teams’ efficiency by raising their ESP … but in this case, ESP stands for “Empathy for Style Preference”.

Through this 60-minute activity, we will help you to:

  • Improve empathy and understanding in the team.
  • Improve communication and relationships.
  • Improve cross-functional collaboration.
  • Increase creativity and innovation.
  • Energize the team for collaboration and change.

The activity is used to introduce the styles and provide opportunity for participants to self-select into their preferred style. By the end of 60-minutes, the group will learn to:

  1. Increase Self Awareness
    1. Give freely the gifts of my preferred style.
    2. Accommodate for the shadow of my preferred style.
  2. Improve Empathy
    1. Make others look good by utilizing their strengths.
    2. Allow and compensate for other’s shadow.

Having developed and refined this activity over the last 10 years throughout Asia, we know this to be a powerful exercise for all levels in all organizations.